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Why collaborate with us?

We are an IT services, recruitment, and specialized IT resources provisioning firm. We collaborate with international businesses across various sectors, addressing their strategic needs in IT project management and recruitment. Our mission is to overcome the challenges of digitalization and bridge the talent gap.


Explore our range of tailor-made services, designed to meet every aspect of your IT project management and talent needs.

Talent headhunting

Our firm supports you in identifying, evaluating, and recruiting your future employees, all billed on success.

Web and Software Services

We lead and manage projects, and develop applications and websites tailored to your needs.


An innovative, simple, and powerful tool to develop individual performance and mobilize collective intelligence.

Blockchain Development

Our experts, specialized in blockchain, support you in the development of blockchain protocols, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (dApps).

Freelance Outsourcing

We use our experience, our background, and our database of qualified candidates to meet your needs.


Professional coaching helps guide you at a certain point in your life with professional issues.

Our technical expertise stands out particularly in the fields of web and blockchain, with specializations in technologies such as Next.js, Rust, TypeScript, Substrate, and Solidity. Our proven and accredited recruitment methods, supported by behavioral psychologists, technical and behavioral tests, guarantee an exceptional quality of service.

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Our ways of working

We adopt a personalized and efficient approach to meet the specific needs of each client in IT recruitment and organizational development.


Complete support in IT recruitment, including an international and multicultural dimension, as well as co-development and coaching workshops.

Analytical Approach

In-depth evaluation of your organization, understanding of corporate culture, and analysis of your HR strategy for optimal talent integration.

Our Engagements

Our firm is committed to providing superior IT recruitment services, with special attention to each step of the process, thus ensuring optimal satisfaction for our clients and candidates.


Offering a 6-month post-hire guarantee, no upfront fees or administrative charges, and results-based remuneration. Interviews and tests conducted by a Work Psychologist, with total transparency and confidentiality. Careful monitoring of candidate integration and rapid response to all applications.


Our approach is distinguished by its responsiveness, flexibility, and customization. We reduce recruitment delays, have in-depth knowledge of IT profiles and expertise in human resources psychology, including personality test qualifications.

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